Name: Nelson Barre

University/Department: National University of Ireland, Galway, PhD in Drama (English Department)

Research Interests: Contemporary Theatre and Performance, Irish Theatre, Memory Studies, Ritual Studies, Globalization and Performance Theory

Professional Activities:

Name: Kristen Rogers
University/Department: Texas Tech University, Fine Arts Doctoral Program (Department of Theatre and Dance)
Research Interests: 20th-Century American Theatre, Film, Gender and Women's Studies, Adaptation, Acting/Directing, New Play Development, Community Outreach
Professional Activities: Graduate Student Representative, Women and Theatre Program (ATHE Focus Group)
Online Presence:

Name: Michelle Salerno
University/Department: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Department of Theatre, Theatre History and Criticism Program
Research Interests: Theatre and War in the 20th Century, Immigration and Ethnic History, Modern Italian Theatre, Performance Theory, Queer Theory, Gender and Women's Studies, and Directing
Professional Activities: ASTR Graduate Representative on the Committee on Interdisciplinary Scholars,

Name: Megan Geigner
University/Department: Northwestern University, Interdisciplinary Theatre and Drama
Research Interests: 19th-Century American Theatre, Popular Entertainment, Immigrant theatre, Worlds Fairs, Chautauqua
Professional Activities:
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DSC_0012 s.jpg
Name: Lauren Beck
University/Department: Northwestern University, Interdisciplinary Theatre and Drama
Research Interests: Audio tours, sound walks, augmented reality and alternate reality games, site-specific theatre, public art, internet fan culture.
Professional Activities: Head of Electronic Initiatives for ATDS
Online Presence:

Name: Nicole Berkin
University/Department: The Graduate Center, CUNY
Research Interests: Nineteenth-century touring/traveling performers, celebrity, popular entertainment, material and print culture, public history
Professional Activities: ATDS Graduate Student Representative
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Name: LaRonika Thomas
University/Department: University of Maryland, Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies
Research Interests: Cultural Space and Cultural Policy; 21st Century Chicago Theatre; Archiving and Databases in the New Play World; Digital Performance; Science Fiction and Performance; Site-Specific Theatre; Dramaturgy and New Play Development
Professional Activities: Vice President of Regional Activity for LMDA; Graduate Student Rep, Dramaturgy Focus Group, ATHE
Online Presence: Twitter: @prtcpnt_obsrvr;